SMD potentiometers in ACP's full product range: 6, 9 and 14mm.

ACP potentiometers are available in Carbon and Cermet substrates, both in through-hole and in SMD technologies. Following the trend for surface mounting, ACP offers its complete product range in both configurations. Packaging can be in bulk or in Tape & Reel.

The mechanical characteristics are the same as for the potentiometers with through-hole terminals. Standard resistance tolerance varies between ±25% and ±40%.

ACP can offer different tapers and study customizations: special tapers with constant value areas and detents in specific positions, different slopes and ohm values, lower tolerances, linearity below 3%, etc.

All ACP’s products are lead-free and they comply to RoHS requirements; they also withstand the soldering conditions required for lead-free components.

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