Rotary Sensor – RS9

ACP introduces its new RS9, a 9mm Rotary Sensor that withstands 50.000 cycles in a mechanical angle of 240º±10º and for operating temperatures between -25ºC and +85ºC.  Its standard independent linearity is 3% and others are available on request.

This rotary sensor joins the line of long life products that ACP already has at a cost-efficient level, such as our RS14, which can withstand up to 2.000.000 cycles and the AL32, that can go up to several millions of cycles. 
Applications can be found as angle position sensor in a number of different products: pedals, valves, flaps, mirrors, gear shafts, actuators, etc. in automotive and industrial markets.
Other applications can be found where there is a need to manually control a position for more than 10.000cycles in a broad range of markets.
The broad configurations available in terminals and rotors are those of our CA9.  In addition to our standard shaft and thumbwheel line, we can custom make gear wheels under customers' requests.
ACP is ready to offer customized solutions for long life applications based on thick-film technology. We have the elements that allow us to approach a broad range of mechanical and electrical configurations to custom design a solution that will meet your specific needs. Please, call us to discuss your project and let us partner with you.  
ACP is a manufacturer of potentiometers and sensors with particular expertise in applications of resistive and dielectric pastes (thick-film technology).  We are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949 certified.   Our main product lines are: trimming and control potentiometers, -both cermet and carbon-, low cost switches and thick-film applications in different substrates (FR2, CEM1, Polyimide, Polyester, CEM3, FR4, Alumina), which can mainly be found in the following markets: white goods, automotive and industrial.

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