Analog Long Life Sensor- AL32

 ACP introduces the new AL32 Analogue Long Life Sensor. Developed for position sensing applications for industrial vehicles,it features dual track redundancy,2,000,000 cycles, an independent linearity lower than 1% in the 60 effective travel and an operating temperature range from -40° to +90°C
ACP's 20 years of expertise in new specialty formlations, screen printing and curing processes that produce a resistive track, which coupled with a specific nulti-finger precious metal alloy wiper,provides a performance that exceeds customers' expectations.
ACP is ready to offer customized solutions for Long Life Applications based on this technology. We have the elements that allow us to approach virtually unlimited mechanical and electrical configurations to custom design a solution that will meet your specific needs.Call us to discuss your project and let us partner with you.
Applications:Angle position sensors(pefals,valves,flaps,shafts,etc)

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